A quick guide for students who want to try open-source solutions

Ever since we’re young and just starting to use a computer, we have and always have been using and accustomed to Windows or Mac computers. This is why most of us used Microsoft and Apple proprietary products or at the very least never have heard about open-source. At some instances, this lack of knowledge about open-source force us to engage in illegal activities, some of us might not even aware of, such as using pirated or “cracked” software just to make things work on our computers. But why do illegal things when we can do it legally and for free?

What is Open-source Software?


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As the University shifts to online learning, most of us have the tendency to spend more time in the digital world.

This week, The LATHE Online gives you literary pieces which tackle how we immerse ourselves in this world full of faces, flamboyance, and filters. These pieces revolve around the theme “Online me” that include stories of fleeing from reality and indulging in the pain and pleasures online.

List of stories

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The LATHE Group of Publications brings you The LATHE Online, upholding responsible scholastic journalism on your screens.

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The global threats inflicted by COVID-19 must not hinder the people from receiving the truth. It is now, more than ever, that the people need their right to information and so is the BatStateU Community.

Red Spartans, stay tuned as we give you the facts, truth, and reality. The LATHE Online will deliver to you the latest community news and university updates, brave and informed opinions, factual and in-depth feature stories, profound and creative literary pieces, purposive and pragmatic DevCom articles, and engaging sports updates and entertainment segment.

The LATHE Online will bring the…

Simple lang, isyu ito na may kinalaman sa iyong Data Privacy

Siguro ay tuwang-tuwa o kilig na kilig habang binabasa ang mga 'real-life' experience ng iyong kapwa Red Spartan mula sa Facebook page na BSU Confessions. Tamang-tama pampalipas at pamatay oras ngayong quarantine.

BSU Confession Facebook Page

Isang gabi habang nagii-scroll ka sa iyong cellphone at narealize na parang may kulang sa iyong buhay, naisip mong dapat may gawin ka to feel satisfied. Pero sa dami-daming pedeng maisip, napagpasyahan mong it’s time for the world to hear your story. …

This blog was inspired when I’m studying for my ENGG 414 (Numerical Methods) exam.

Maybe you are doing an experiment or you have datasets that want to explore, but upon reviewing your datasets you noticed that it missing some datapoints that might be important for whatever you are doing. So, what should you do? Should you panic? Absolutely no, because Newton and Lagrange got your back.

All you need to do is to interpolate.

Interpolation is a process of estimating intermediate values between precise data points. The most common method used for this purpose is polynomial interpolation.

Using interpolation, you…

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The world is continuously changing in aspects of economics, diplomatic relations, the technological and industrial revolution, global health, and of course, the environment. The continuous environmental changes like global warming and climate change are just one of the few indicators that our environment is not keeping up with our fast pace towards revolutions. As we learned to innovate and revolutionize everything that is around us, it is just crucial that we make necessary efforts in sustaining the resources we have and the environment that we are moving into. …

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Started at the city of Wuhan in the Hubei province of China at the end of 2019, the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has already affected and still distressing millions of lives in different countries and territories around the globe. With its main characteristics of infecting the person’s respiratory system, having influenza-like symptoms, and is transmitted through oral and nasal droplets, the primary measure to combat its continuous spreading is to enforce community quarantine among areas with the confirmed transmission.

Although the quarantine does not show a significant improvement in the number of cases, for as of writing there are more than…

Daniel De Castro


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